Jeff Beck’s exercise machine

Tiny Tim hats auf Ebay gefunden und wir haben uns königlich amüsiert:

This is the 1953 Maccaferri G3 model, aka Jeff Beck’s exercise machine….

Quite an interesting history, one very much like this is in the National Music Museum

In 1953, Maccaferri introduced his plastic guitars, which were not meant to be a cheap substitute for a wood guitar, but rather a highly functional instrument that happened to be constructed from plastic.

I got this some years ago from a Man who owned a large Music Store back in the day
He told me when a large shipment of these came in, He personally looked and played each one until he found one he really liked, then took it home for his personal collection and it sat there all these years until He sold it to me
Everything works just as it’s supposed to, and I’ve always kept it tuned down half a step just like He did

On YouTube , there is a Video with Jeff Beck and his Guitar collection….at the end if the video after He had showed off a bunch of amazing Guitar’s , He says, and now for my Prized Possesion, here’s the Guitar Jimmy Page gave to me, and it is this same Guitar as you are looking at in this Auction
He says He uses it as an Exercise/Practice Machine while He is watching TV….and that’s exactly what I’ve done with it, I always take perfect care if my Guitars, this was Babied for sure

There are a few minor scratches on it because it’s over 60 years old, but it plays just like it was supposed to when it was made and it’s quite beautiful, it got that Django Reinhardt sound
I took some pics in the Sun to show off the grain of the Styron

There’s lots of info out there on these, it’s really quite and instrument, but it’s time to pass it on, You’ll love it just like I did

Comes with an older Black Chipboard case that works just fine, not sure if it’s original but I believe it’s period correct and in good shape

Thanks for looking

Ebay Auktion:

Und so klingt die Plasikwanne.

Also unbedingt kaufen, wenn du wie Jeff klingen & in der Badewanne üben möchtest.

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